5 Things you need to do for an amazing family session

5 Things you Need to do for and Amazing Family Session

So you have been dreaming of an amazing family session ever since you booked.  Here are some tips for ensuring that happens!


  1.  Plan your outfits well ahead of time so you are not scrambling and stressed the day of.  Have them ironed and laid out ready to go for your shoot the night before!  Avoid the matchy matchy look.  Coordinating colors but mixing patterns and textures will photograph the best.  Feel free to ask for help and send me a text or email if you want some input.  You can also follow this link to see my Pinterest outfit guide.  www.pinterest.com/jodyp208/family
  2. If you have kids that need their naps make sure to get them in with enough time to fully wake before the shoot (and to avoid falling asleep in the car).
  3. Bribe!!  Bribing can go a long way!  Make sure you bring a long a non-messy (small) treat for cooperation and smiles!
  4. Bring snacks and drinks.  If we need to take a little break to refuel & make the littles happy that is okay!
  5. Parents, RELAX!  If you are tense, uptight and over concerned with outfits getting dirty, kids not smiling, etc. I can almost guarantee the kids will not cooperate.  Let them run around and have fun.  A couple of grass stains and real smiles and happy kids is way better than tantrums and clean clothes!
    family walking hand in handPINlavender field family portraitsPINlittle boy kissing his momPINlittle girl hiding in a treePINfamily portraits in the sunset lightPINlittle boy kissing his sisterPINlittle girl in pigtailsPINPINdad lifting his little girl upPINamazing family sessionPINchildren playing in a lavender fieldPIN

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