Hello!  My name is Jody, welcome to my blog!  I am a daughter, wife, sister, Auntie, mommy to a sweet fur baby, child of God, friend, and photographer.  I am a dreamer.  I am an Artist.  

My ideal day is one spent outside on my patio, good book, good drink, good snacks & good company.  Most likely throw in some knitting and crocheting as well.   I love my dog, Daisy, so much that it scares me, why can’t they live forever?  My “happy place” is anywhere with Travis & Daisy, throw in a lake or ocean and I’m in Heaven :)  I dream of a beautiful back yard overflowing with fruit trees, plants & a couple of chickens.  A shared side yard with my sister in her family will have to do for now (although getting to live next door to your sister/bff and your niece and nephew is not half bad!)  I left a little piece of my heart in Greece & now when I daydream it’s always about going back to this incredible country!   I always choose salty over sweet.  I can’t resist journals.  I have stacks of them waiting to be filled.  One of my favorite smells is the pine trees on the way up to a weekend of camping.  My favorite books to read are travel memoirs.  While I am stuck at home with life’s obligations I can at least day dream about amazing adventures.

 I see in photographs.  Everywhere I go I am constantly composing images in my head.  Scouting out little nooks and crannies to create a beautiful image.  Through my photography journey the past 6 years I have completely fallen in love with photographing couples in love and helping to preserve their memories from their wedding day.  I am so honored to have a small part in each one of my couples love stories.

I am so happy that you have stumbled upon my little piece of cyber-space, please take a look around and hopefully you like what you see.  I would LOVE to meet you and capture your beautiful memories!!

Jody Atkinson