Happy Monday everyone!  I have had a bit of a break from weddings (five weeks!) and will be getting back to it next week with a wedding at one of my favorite venues, Pageo Lavender Farm!  The break has been the perfect time to catch up on editing and get some blog posts prepped!  I have so many great shoots that I need to share from the past YEAR!!

Here are some highlights from Jennifer’s senior session!  Knights Ferry is definitely one of my favorite locations for senior sessions.  The light is always dreamy and there are so many different areas that allow a variety of backgrounds.


Jennifer’s outfit choices were perfect.  I love the pastel colors she chose because they looked perfect with the hazy light we had for the majority of her shoot!


Bringing along a prop or something personal is the perfect way to make your senior session uniquely your own!



Wow, finally getting a blog post up!  Blogging has always been something that I have totally avoided.  Not because I do not love sharing all of my amazing clients images but because I am always at a loss of what to write!  SEO rules tell me that unless I have enough words and the right kind of content that my post is pretty much pointless.  I am no writer!  I will sit in front of my screen for what seems like an hour trying to figure out content.  Why can’t SEO just rank my posts with pretty photos well?  Whhhhyyyyy must I have to write something interesting?  I would love any suggestions you have for content that you would enjoy reading from me!  Please comment below with your ideas!  Do you want tutorials?  Tips for shoots?  More stuff on photography?  Let me know!  Now on to my favorites from Katie’s Ballico River Portraits!

Ballico River PortraitsPINJody-atkinson-Livermore-engagement-photographer_0081PIN

Because of all the rain we had this past winter and spring I have not been shooting at the rivers which makes me sad!  The water is just so high that a couple of my favorite places are still completely flooded!  Hopefully by the time busy senior season in Fall comes around the water levels will be a bit lower!


Ballico River Portraits



Look at this gorgeous evening light!

Ballico River PortraitsPINJody-atkinson-Livermore-engagement-photographer_0070PINJody-atkinson-Livermore-engagement-photographer_0075PINJody-atkinson-Livermore-engagement-photographer_0079PINJody-atkinson-Livermore-engagement-photographer_0071PINJody-atkinson-Livermore-engagement-photographer_0078PIN

  • My suggestion as to what to write is to just talk about your experience with that client – what you liked about the location, what you liked about the wardrobe choices, what you liked about your client in general. Another, while I’m at it, (which I think can go hand in hand with talking about what you liked about each session) is TIPS. For sure! I always enjoy reading any tips you have because who knows better than the gal behind the camera – I appreciate it as a client (and it can make your job a little easier). Hope this helps you a little! Thanks for sharing your work!ReplyCancel

If you ask my husband he would tell you that there is one thing I am always fixated on and can not stop talking about.  Traveling and where we should go next.  He thinks that I would go anywhere and that there are no destinations safe from my wish list (he’s right).  Unfortunately we can not realistically travel 24/7 like we would like so I have compiled a list of some ways to get the vacation feels at home!

Ways to get the Vacation Feels at Home

Ways to get the vacation feels at homePIN

The beach in front of Mama’s Fish House, Paia, Fuji400h

  1. Have themed cuisine nights where you cook the traditional foods of places you wish you were visiting, or where you have visited!
  2. Read travel memoirs and get lost in places you have never been.  My favorite travel memoir is “A Year In The World” by Frances Mayes.  I also love to look at travel blogs!
  3. Fill your home with photos of your travels.
  4. Listen to the traditional music of places you wish to go.
  5. Create spaces in your home or yard that remind you of your favorite places.
  6. Be intentional when buying souvenirs.  We like to buy decor that we can put around the home so that we are always reminded of our travels.
  7. I usually end up having a “signature” cocktail on any given vacation so it is always an instant good feeling to crack open my favorite Greek beer, Mythos, or salty Pacifico on those days when I have a case of Wanderlust.
  8. Next time you go on vacation bring a new scent with you (lotion or perfume) to use during your trip.  When you are home  that particular scentwill always bring you good memories and all the feels!

What are some of your favorite ways to get the vacation feels when stuck at home?  Leave comments below!





  • Sydney Brogdon

    I love to go out in our woods and have a picnic, some wine & cheese, blanket on the ground. I also enjoy a fiesta breakfast of breakfast burritos and mamosas.ReplyCancel