When Leanna approached me with her idea for a best friends shoot I was totally excited.  What a fun and special way to honor their friendship!  Leanna, Crystel and Alex met in college and have been besties ever since.  They had this weekend planned to visit Leanna here in the valley and began their weekend with this fun shoot complete with floral crowns from Farmington Flowers and Veuve Champagne! #squadgoals!

best friends shootPIN

Best Friends Shoot

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One of my favorite things about being a photographer besides getting to photograph such special times in peoples lives is getting to explore all over California for shoots!  Sutro Baths in San Francisco is one of my favorite locations I have shot at.  It is a perfect mixture of gorgeous coastline and texture. I am so excited to be back here for a maternity session next month!  Here are some of my favorites from Jenna & Jasons Sutro Baths Engagement Session!  I am so happy Jenna wore a long flowing dress because that San Francisco wind was out in full force during the shoot!

Sutro Baths Engagement Session



Happy New Year!  I, like most, love the idea of a new year and a new start.  By the end of the year we are burnt out, can not wait for holiday vacations to gain back a little sanity and then hopefully are ready to push forward again feeling renewed with the start of the new year.  I always have a long list of goals and hopes for the new year and if I am being honest usually that too fizzles out a little by mid-year.  It doesn’t make it any less fun and motivating to formulate my goals and dreams and try my best to achieve them!  I just am trying this year to be a little more realistic and intentional about them and a little less hard on myself if I do not achieve every single one.  We need to give ourselves a little grace ya know?  I won’t bore you with my entire list of hopes for 2017 but just a few of my most important ones.

  1. By then end of 2016 I felt like all I ever did was work and even when I had the occasional day off my mind was still on what I thought I “should” be doing rather than enjoying the moment.  So this year I am going to be more intentional with the use of my time.  This will include less procrastination, more structured work times as well as more structured off time and no more feeling guilt over taking a day for myself.
  2. Be more present.  Put the phone away and really experience the important things!
  3. Go on adventures!  I want 2017 to be spontaneous and full of new experiences.

What are some of your goals or hopes for 2017?  Leave them in the comments!!

And to finish off this post with some beautiful images!  Some of my favorites from Jessi’s Lafayette senior session.  Spring session availability is limited so book yours now or miss out!!

jody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0006PINlafayette seniorPINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0011PINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0009PINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0012PINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0008PINlafayette seniorPINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0014PINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0017PINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0015PINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0018PINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0016PINlafayette seniorPINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0020PINjody-atkinson-modesto-senior-photographer_0021PIN