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While daydreaming about our upcoming honeymoon to Greece I thought it would be fun to make up a photo scavenger hunt for myself.  I’ve got a list started and would love to add some more to it, so if you have a photo challenge for me please comment below!  Some of mine are pretty obvious so send me some unique ones! :)

1. Blue domes in Santorini
2. A Kitty
3. Old Greek men playing cards/games
4. Nasty fat man in a speedo
5. Cobble stone street
6. Bougainvillea on a doorstep
7. geraniums on a doorstep
8. Sunset
9. Sunrise
10. My feet in each new place we visit
11. a donkey
12. Beautiful Beach
13. The Caldera in Santorini
14. Portrait of Travis
15. Refreshing fruity cocktail
16. Shells on the Beach
17. Fishermen
18. Beautiful Doorways
19. Turkish Influences
20. Nuns
21. Church Bell
22. Hanging Octopus


  • Hollis

    Well, my first suggestions would have been a nun and a nasty fat man in a speedo. But looks like you already covered the basics. How about…

    -An expensive bottle of wine
    -A strange bug
    -Sea Urchin (that you are going to eat)
    -A really sweet old couple holding hands

    I’ll try to think of more. What is a hanging octopus?ReplyCancel

    • JodyPeterson

      haha, I guess I was not very clear with the “hanging octopus” When they catch them they hang them to dry.ReplyCancel

It’s been a good week!   I got a new 50mm lens which I very impatiently tracked through my email every 5 minutes until it arrived on my door step on Tuesday.  I haven’t had much of a chance to really get out and shoot with it but I did take a few test shots and I can already tell I am going to love it.  I have had my trusty 50mm 1.8 but it was definitely time for an upgrade.   I may not have kids to photograph all the time but there is certainly no shortage of cats around my ‘hood.  (Thanks mom)  So I went out to the patio and took a couple photos of old Scruffy here lounging on our patio chairs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the creaminess that the 50 1.4 gives.  I can tell we are going to be great friends :)

Jody Peterson PhotographyPIN

  • Jamie

    Awwww.. Scruffy photographs well…ReplyCancel

    • JodyPeterson

      haha, you can’t quite tell how dirty he is in this photo… :)ReplyCancel

  • […] and uninspired. 34.  try out bangs. 35.  Buy the Canon 5D mark ii (or even better iii!) 36.  50 mm 1.4 37.  35mm 2.0 38.  tilt shift lens 39.  start my day earlier 40.  get new business cards 41.  […]ReplyCancel

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Travis and I have been dreaming about a trip to Greece for years so my list of things to do on my dream Grecian vacation has steadily grown.  Even if we don’t check a single item off my list I know it will be amazing.  After all I am traveling with the most fun travel partner ever.  My new husband!  We always have a great time on vacations near and far, and always seem to be on the same “travel” page, which makes things go a lot more smoothly!  Here are a few things I would love to see and do during our Honeymoon to Greece (Which by the way is just 8 days from now!  I’m grinning from ear to ear right now!):

1. Wine Tasting
2. Walk through and ancient olive grove
3. Drink a bottle of wine on the beach
4. Taste Sea Urchin
5. Swim in the ocean
6. Meet some cool locals
7. Dine al fresco… a lot
8. Go hiking (nothing to strenuous.  hehe)
9. Take a ferry to an island
10. Dance with Travis
11. Drink Ouzo (I hate black licorice but since we will be in Greece I hope to at least enjoy this little beverage once)
12. Eat Baklava
13. Read on the Beach
14. Eat Lamb (YUM!)
15. Stay in an ocean view hotel room
16. Get lost in the little side streets of Santorini
17. Explore an old church
18. Watch the Sunset
19. Watch the Sunrise
20. Actually write in my travel journal
21. Take a walking tour
22. Find a shell on the beach
23. Learn some Greek vocabulary
24. Purchase a Greek book/magazine
25. Buy something vintage
26. Relax on a hotel room balcony overlooking the ocean
27. See Ancient ruins
28. Purchase Worry beads
29. Yell OPA! at least twice a day :)
30. Watch Greek folk dancing
31. Catamaran trip around Santorini (I’m cheating cause I already know we are doing this.  Yeah!)
32. Go Snorkeling (and not freak out.  lol)
33. Picnic on the beach
34. See the Parthenon/Acropolis
35. Get a tan!
36. Buy a Greek cookbook
37. Chat with some old Greeks and hear their stories (if they speak English)
38. Rent a scooter to ride around Santorini or Mykonos
39. Learn lots of interesting historical facts
40. Dance to “Zorba the Greek”