I am a huge list maker.  I make lists for everything, to do, to read, to travel, to see.  My lists have lists.  So I saw a few fellow bloggers doing a 101 in 1001 list and thought it looked fun.  Plus coming up with 101 goals, wishes, to dos big and small seems pretty simple to me.  Checking things off of my to do’s or goal lists always makes me feel such a sense of accomplishment, and just having these lists help me to avoid procrastination.

So here are my 101 (not quite so many since I am sure I will find more to add in the roughly 3 years I have to accomplish them!) things I wish to do, see, experience, accomplish, whatever! in the next 1001 days.

Sorry no photos in this long post, skip this one if ya want!  I will try and blog some of these things with photos as I accomplish them.

1.  Travel to Greece (We’ve got it booked!  But until I am standing on Greek soil I won’t actually believe it) Athens,
2.  Keep up with and complete my 365 day photo project
3.  get in the best shape of my life, inside and out
4.  Make a photo book of Daisy
5.  get published on a blog Entouriste
6   Make one new recipe each week with or for Travis (Once we are married)
7.  decorate/paint and organize my office
8.  Have a dinner party on my patio
9.  Hang my prints on my walls
10. finish painting the rooms in my home
11. get wood flooring downstairs
12.  set up my facebook fan-page (Check it out and become a fan HERE!)
13.  have a baby… maybe
14.  have a beautiful organized closet
15.  make my own camera bag via this tutorial
16.  wine tasting in Murphys with Travis (we have never been there together)
17.  journal more creatively and thoughtfully
18.  make one thing from my pinterest craft board per month
19.  start a craft group with my other “crafty friends” (if your are interested in this group email me!)
20.  make camera time each week for ME.  shooting whatever, but shooting for fun
21.  Have a Swedish themed dinner party
22.  Read the bible in it’s entirety
23.  get a gym membership…..and USE it. :)  Yay for boot camp!
24.  Camping at the beach Here
25.  Winter Camping
26.  Swim in the Aegean Sea
27.  Mexico
28.  Learn to be “OK” with jogging :)
29.  Make working out a habit not an avoidance
30.  Clean out my book collection and only keep what I love and want to read
31.  get a professionally made logo
32.  read at least 1 book a month
33.  attend another photography workshop.  Joy’s was so unbelievably inspiring and I will never forget it!  Workshops are the perfect remedy for when you feel a bit overwhelmed and uninspired. See posts here and here
34.  New logo
35.  Buy the Canon 5D mark ii (or even better iii!)  Post here
36.  50 mm 1.4
37.  85 mm 1.2L
38.  tilt shift lens
39.  start my day earlier
40.  get new business cards
41.  Have cute branded packaging
42.  get a new office desk and chair
43.  photo session in the snow
44.  blog at lease 2x per week.  I would love to be one of those everyday people but that is not just realistic for me
45.  make a family photo album every year
46.  make it through my wedding alive…. :) I can’t wait till it is over, I am not one of those girls who relishes in the planning.  I just want to hurry up and get this marriage started!
47.  learn to make a good cup of Jo
48.  make a cute camera strap via this tutorial
49.  buy a toy film camera, maybe a Diana mini?
50.  sell my knitted and crocheted crafts
51.  Do a mini-session of me and Trav with a tri-pod and camera remote, just for fun.  Talking him into this might take away from the fun though… :)
52.  make a facebook page for selling crochet and knit stuff.  I do not have the time to devote to a separate page but you can see the shop album here!
53.  collect all the Penguin Classics
54.  make a photo-book of our honeymoon
55.  buy a house
56.  buy a film camera and learn to shoot film
57.  Polaroid sx-70 land camera
58.  master my photography style-I don’t want to ever stop learning but would like to get to a place where I am comfortable with my own style
59.  New Kelly Moore bag  I got a Ketti instead and I LOVE it :)
60.  have followers on my blog that I don’t actually know
61.  grow lavender
62.  grow ranunculus
63.  make sun-tea
64.  Sell a print
65.  enter a photo contest
66.  go on a girls only camping/cabin trip
67.  have breakfast on my patio on a warm summer morning
68.  buy a Vintage townie bike
69.  embroider something to hang on my wall
70.  make an instagram photo-book
71.  learn to create pdf’s
72.  bring back the fanny-pack, :)  hehe.  I LOVE them!
73.  Keep a travel journal & actually find time to write in it
74.  make some tall knitted socks
75.  Tahoe trip – rain, snow or shine.  I love this place all year round
76.  Camping and fishing at Pinecrest
77.  get a HUGE bookshelf, preferably covering an entire wall
78. Stay at the Ace hotel in Palm Springs
79. Get a chicken (if we move somewhere with a backyard and fewer cats)
80. Travel to Greece.  AGAIN. I miss you so….
81. Do a styled shoot that is totally out of my comfort zone and kinda out of my usual style.
82.  Make some photography friends that actually live near me so that I can see them all the time!
83. Go to a film workshop, either Jose Villa’s, Jen Huang’s
84. Make a photo cook book with our favorite recipes
85. Shoot a destination wedding.  (Super awesome wedding coverage deal for any destination weddings in Europe!!!!)
86. Purge my house and throw crap out!
87. Learn Calligraphy
88. Get published on Style Me Pretty
So there ya have it, my giant list.  This post will get lost somewhere in the archives but I will be updating it regularly as I am able to check things off and add more too it.

I’ve traveled very few places in my almost 30 (yikes!) years.  Mexico a couple times and to a few states nearby, but my heart literally aches to see new  places.  Though I love being grounded in a small town I have a traveling soul.  Simply daydreaming of far off places makes me happy.  Of course going to them is WAY better!  There’s just something  about being in a new place, completely unrecognizable, shocking your senses with new sights, sounds, and tastes.   If you took me on vacation, honestly I would probably be happy going anywhere. (You have no idea how truly excited I get just taking a camping trip or going to a city I have never been to)  Travis always teases me as we are watching TV, saying “Let me guess? You want to go there too!?”

So through the years my daydreaming has acquired a Wanderlust-list of my very most desired spots to see.   My list is ever changing and growing as I watch the travel channel (love you Anthony Bourdain!) or read a new travel memoir.  Sadly, I have come to terms with the fact that many of these places I will never lay eyes on because they are not the safest travel destinations in these times.  But a girl can dream right?

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My list is not limited to these!  If you would like to see more of my Wander-list check out my Wanderlust pinterest board, where you can also see where these photos originated from.  Where would you most like to visit?