This is Luke, he’s 9 months old (during this session which was back in August!) and a very happy and sweet baby.  You may remember him as the cute little lion from my Halloween post.  The pretty warm light from this session has me wishing for warmer weather.  I know we have yet to have a proper winter this year but I am sooo ready for shorts and flip flops and my upcoming honeymoon to GREECE!!!!



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Hello!  Thank’s for stopping by my blog!  I hope to be much better at blogging this year than I was last year.  I have a ton of catch up sessions to share and am excited to be doing so on my new and improved blog.  My hope is that this blog will not only be a place to share my latest sessions with you and get my creative juices flowing but a place to share a little bit of myself.  I would like my future clients to feel like they already know me a little before they ever actually meet me.  So I hope to have a lot of personal posts as well as photography related ones.   I often find myself with writers block so if you have any post ideas for me please leave a comment!  I am always open for suggestions :)  And please click on the subscribe button above so you can have my posts sent directly to your inbox!

Moving on… This is Samuel.   Just a week new in these images, he is one cool baby.  I am pretty sure that is because he has two really cool parents. :)