Jessica & Craig ~ Oakdale Engagement Photographer

Jessica & Craig are getting married tomorrow and it’s officially the start of my wedding season!  This winter has been a wonderful reprieve from work.  I had high hopes of finally finishing and updating my website but that didn’t happen.  I did however spend lots of time with family and friends, traveled to Mexico & Tahoe, went wine tasting with some of my favorite ladies and made a lot of great memories along the way.  I always have a tendency to feel guilt if I am not constantly working and one of my goals this year (as it is every year, unsuccessfully) was to leave guilt at the door and give myself more grace and permission to ENJOY my slower season rather than trying to fill it with a ton of catch up work.  It is a constant struggle, as a business owner, to not feel like you need to be doing something productive.   So this year even as things pick up and the craziness of wedding and senior portrait season begins I am going to try and schedule myself off days regularly with lots and lots of GRACE.

Anyway!  Happy day before your wedding day Jess & Craig!!!  Here are a few favorites from their engagement session!!  They are seriously so sweet and I just know tomorrow is going to be a great day! (Jessica’s makeup by Rikki Tomasetti)


Oakdale Engagement Photographer

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