1:1 Mentor Session with Michele Beckwith

A couple of days ago I had a 1:1 mentor session with Michele Beckwith of Michele Beckwith Photography and it was pretty freaking amazing!  The icing on the cake was that the makeup and hair artist/stylist was Tanja Lippert, who also happens to be an amazing photographer.  Nikki Anderson of Sorella Muse photography was the model which was super exciting as well! (she’s a very talented photographer too!)  I had met Nikki last year and she is such a sweetheart and so gorgeous!  I love that in the creative industries there are so many opportunities to grow as an artist.  Workshops as I have said many times before are one of my favorite ways to grow, meet new people and get outside of my comfort zone.  Here is one little peek at our shoot.  We barely made it to our shoot location with enough light but it made for some really awesome and moody images!  I shot a few frames on film so we will see how those turn out when I get the scans back!

Moody San Francisco Styled Shoot

Moody San Francisco Styled ShootPIN


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