Tips for a Successful Senior Portrait Session

Senior Portrait season is in full force so I thought I would share a few helpful tips for a successful session!

  1.  Think about getting your hair and makeup professionally done.  This can really make a huge difference as hair and makeup artists know what will photograph well and how to make everything stay put!  And even if you don’t go professional, throw on some natural looking false eyelashes!  They will really make your eyes pop in the photos!
  2.   Hair spray, hair spray, hair spray!  Stray hairs can be a real problem especially if you end up with a windy day.  Taking some hair spray a long can make a huge difference and saves your photographer tons of time in post processing!
  3. Don’t forget about a manicure!  Your finger nails will be in the images, make sure the paint is not chipped!  Or go with no polish at all!
  4.  Accessorize!  A collection of bangles or a chunky necklace adds texture and gives you something to do with your hands that doesn’t look stiff or posed.
  5.  Layers and multiple textures within your outfit photography beautifully.  
  6. Pastel colors photograph the best with my style!! Think Lavender, soft greens, and blues, blush, coral etc.   Please, please, please avoid neon colors.  They do not photograph well and will often cast funky colors on your face and neck!
  7.  Make the session uniquely yours!  Bring an item or two that will help tell a story of who you are.  Do you play an instrument?  Bring it along!  Are you an artist?  Bring your easel and paint a photo during your session.
  8. Wear the right under garments for your outfit choices!!!  I don’t want to see any pesky bra straps falling down!  This is a major pain to correct in post processing and it is much easier and looks nicer if you get it right by wearing a strapless bra in the first place!  Make sure your under ware do not show in the out fits your choose as well!

* Always show up on time!!!  We chase the light, and if you are late that is less time for your photos, especially if you have a few outfit changes!

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